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The Cranberry Orange Scone
Cranberry Orange Scones

Cranberry American Princess seeks Cranberry Prince. I'm as comfortable in a muffin as I am on a Thanksgiving turkey.  I’m ripe, red and ready.  I’m sick of dating nuts! And I'm sick of dating dates!  My last date was with a pecan named Victor. He was wrinkled, lumpy and rude as molasses.  We met in a salad. He was late, and his beady eyes didn’t miss the hot little crouton sitting next to the tomato.  I want a cranberry with a juicy attitude, who’s sweet as sugar.  One that travels on china plates and opens bins for me. Pick me, and let’s make beautiful HomeBonny’s scones together.

HomeBonny's Scones are packaged in see-through plastic bags tied with bright yellow ribbons. Each bag comes with its own creative story from The Secret Lives of Scones. The packages make wonderful gifts.

Package of three Cranberry Orange Scones (net weight 9 ounces) - $9.00 plus shipping
($20 minimum)

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