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The Classic Currant Scone

Classic Currant SconeI've been nominated for the Scone Awards. I want to be a star! I'm tired of bathing in Egg Wash and getting my currants stuck in Zip-Lok bags. HomeBonny and my fellow scones walk down the red carpet. We get lost in a sea of pointed shoes. HomeBonny wears a black Armani dress. Lemony Ginger has had her bumps removed for the third time and she looks overly glazed. Chris Rock announces the runners up for Most Original Scone. Julia Roberts grabs me off my chair... she pops me into her mouth... I've made it!

HomeBonny's Scones are packaged in see-through plastic bags tied with bright yellow ribbons. Each bag comes with it's own creative story from The Secret Lives of Scones. The packages make wonderful gifts.

Package of three Classic Currant Scones (net weight 9 ounces) - $9.00 plus shipping ($20 minimum)

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