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About Me: HomeBonny

 a graduate of San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. I keep a journal of short stories and recipes, and have developed my own creative approach, which has led me into developing stories of the lives of HomeBonny’s ingredients.

I'm a native San Franciscan and recently moved to Berkeley, where I love to bake and write in the simplicity of my own home. My mother's idea of home cooking was burning a Lean Cuisine, or opening an old can of chili. My love affair with baking began at the age of seven, when I made a zucchini bread in a coffee can, and by the time I was eleven I opened my first cupcake and muffin stand. I didn't have the benefit of grandma's secret recipes, fancy culinary classes, or travels through Europe. I'm a self-taught baker, and learned my craft by watching cooking shows, studying recipes, and experimenting.

I'm obsessed with baking. I panic at the thought of bumping into friends without fresh baked scones to give them, so I keep a stash in the back seat of my Subaru. I recently brought them to a Weight Watcher's meeting and was asked to leave. I just turned 46 and I'm determined to stay in shape, so I swim 50 laps per scone.

I make scones, breads, cookies, and cheesecakes for the homeless, neighbors, parties, potlucks, family, and friends. My kitchen is full of big glass bowls of zested fruit and all the lemon trees in the neighborhood are looking stark. Slowly but surely the word's gotten out. Looks like I'm on to something...