Romancing the Scone

HomeBonny bakes scones that are big, beautiful and delicious! They're rich, moist and flaky, bursting with fruit, nuts and chocolate, and topped with luscious, creamy glazes. And they're made just for you! HomeBonny has taken an old world treat and given it a creative, California twist. Each scone is homemade with loving hands, from only the finest, freshest ingredients. HomeBonny picks fruit from her garden for her apricot, lemon, and cherry scones and grows vegetables for her savories. HomeBonny's Scones are packaged in see-through plastic bags tied with bright yellow ribbons. And each bag comes with it's own creative story from The Secret Lives of Scones. The packages make wonderful gifts. Scones aren't just for tea anymore. They're for appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. There was a time when we used to stand clear around the block to get a chocolate chip bagel. And now croissants come with spinach and mushrooms?

Well... it's time for HomeBonny's Scones to make their big debut!

Anyone can be a HomeBonny!

You can be a HomeBonny too!