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The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Out of the way…coming through. How did a chip like me get stuck in the bottom of the bag? HomeBonny’s is making another bChocolate Chip Cookieatch of chocolate chip cookies, and I’m supposed to be in it! What was that? Keep your hands to yourself, Mel! Where’s my cell phone? If I don’t get into this batch, I’m going to complain to HomeBonny. Oh God, I dropped my glasses. I can’t see a thing! It’s hot in here, I can’t breathe. I think I’m hyperventilating. Does anyone have a paper bag? Excuse me…excuse me…would somebody please tell me which way it is to the top of the bag? Oh for heavens sake…I’ll figure it out myself. Uh oh, sorry, did I step on you? What’s that sound? I think I hear the chips being dropped into the bowl. Pardon me…pardon me…I have to get through. Ohhh! I think I see the light.

HomeBonny's Cookies are packaged in see-through plastic bags tied with bright yellow ribbons. Each bag comes with its own creative story from The Secret Lives of Cookies. The packages make wonderful gifts.

Package of three Chocolate Chip Cookies (net weight 9 ounces) - $10.00 plus shipping
($20 minimum)



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