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The Chewy Ginger Cookie

My name is Molasses. I’m sticky but lovable. I live in a glass jar next to Nutmeg and one shelf down from Ginger. HomeBonny’s tea kettle is Ginger Cookiewhistling and I’m swirling around in my jar, dreaming of being a Chewy Ginger Cookie. Yellow oven mitts take off my cap, and pour me into a shiny, silver measuring cup. I wait. Brown sugar is grumbling in his box again, and I tell him to pipe down. I admit sometimes I’m spicy and have attitude, but after all, it’s me who holds everybody together.

HomeBonny's Cookies are packaged in see-through plastic bags tied with bright yellow ribbons. Each bag comes with its own creative story from The Secret Lives of Cookies. The packages make wonderful gifts.

Package of three Chewy Ginger Cookies (net weight 9 ounces) - $10.00 plus shipping
($20 minimum)



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